Reddito di cittadinanza. What’s Happening with Economic Support for Labor And Social Inclusion in Italy

Established by the Italian government in 2019, Reddito di Cittadinanza (RdC) is a program designed to provide economic support for people living in poverty and facilitate reintegration into self-sustainability, steady employment and social inclusion.

This year, the Meloni government has been implementing measures to adjust the structure of this financial support. By September, the modified system will take effect. Details are as follows:

  • Assegno di inclusione (inclusion allowance) is geared toward families, including people with disabilities; children and/or adolescents; and senior citizens. Moreover, those with social needs who are currently serviced by government agencies will receive assegno di inclusion. Participants will continue receiving an 18-month renewable monthly allowance similar to assistance provided by Reddito di Cittadinanza.
  • Supporto alla Formazione e al Lavoro (Training and Employment Support). This income is intended for citizens not included in the category above (the “employable”). It is non-renewable; provides less money for a shorter duration (seven months); and is conditioned upon attending some type of training or pursuing other job placement pathways.

The chaos caused by the government in this phase can be blamed on a lack of clarity. There is no definitive information as to who the municipalities will include and how participation will work.

Currently, participation is managed by municipalities (social service) or employment centers (regional government). This distinction determines the type of measures that are implemented but does not modify the accompanying benefit. Starting in September, only people serviced by municipalities  or children/seniors/the disabled will be eligible to receive the full benefit.

In this phase, giving the operators discretion would expose them to a significant possibility of violence and aggression. They occupy the front line of defense when dealing with people in poverty and would be prime targets for the growing anger and resentment evident in society.

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